Bringing Your Cat Inside

Each year, as the weather gets colder and wetter, we like to remind people that this is the perfect time to bring your outdoor cat indoors permanently. MCAS is a strong proponent of keeping Cats Safe at Home (TM). Cats that are outdoors face a number of dangers including disease, injury by other animals, and injury by humans and cars. Outdoor cats also pose a danger to wildlife (birds, butterflies, reptiles) whose populations are in decline.

Some cat owners worry that a cat who is used to being outdoors might have difficulty adjusting to life indoors. We can assure you that with a little effort, a cat can easily learn to enjoy the safety and security of life indoors. The progressively colder, wetter days of Autumn are a great time to acclimate your cat to living indoors full time.

Below are links to two web pages that provide detailed instructions on how to bring your cat indoors full time:

HSUS - Home, Sweet Home: Bringing an Outside Cat In
ASPCA - Outdoor Cats: Coming in from the Cold

If, when the weather warms in Spring, you'd like to let your cat out, consider using one of the many outdoor "catio" options available. These are special enclosures that provide cats with the enjoyment of being outside, while still safely containing them.

Need convincing? Check out this article by the Humane Society of the United States that describes all of the reasons for keeping your cat safely indoors. This story on the Audubon Society of Portland web site discusses the decline of local bird populations and the importance of keeping cats indoors.