Lone Survivor Arrives at MCAS

The lone survivor of a litter of kittens that were abandoned in a tape-sealed bucket over the weekend arrived at the MCAS shelter today. He was treated at Dove Lewis after Critter Gitter (the after hours service that MCAS uses) picked them up on Friday night. You may have caught his story on the news today.

The kitten is strong, friendly, and doing well, although he is being treated for an upper respiratory infection. MCAS is placing him with one our wonderful foster families so that he can gain weight, recuperate and get some extra TLC. We will announce when he is ready to be placed up for adoption.

MCAS is actively investigating this case. If you have any information, please contact us. If you're interested in becoming a foster parent for cats, dogs, puppies and/or kittens, please visit our "Foster" web page to learn more.