"Name Your Price" Cat Adoption Special!

Cat Holding Money
Sade, an Adoptable Cat
Duke, an Adoptable Cat

It's kitten season and the MCAS shelter is way past full! The cattery cages are full. Our portable, extra cages are full. Foster homes and adoption partners are full, full, full! Summer time is traditionally known as "kitten season" in the animal shelter world because it's the time of year when cats give birth. Most animal rescue agencies find themselves in the position of having more cats to manage than space allows. That is currently the case at the MCAS shelter.

We need the community to step up and adopt cats and kittens. And we need people to come out and adopt as soon as they can. As many as 30 more cats and kittens are coming into the shelter everyday. As Portland's only open door shelter, stray cats and kittens are never turned away.

In an effort to encourage the community to adopt a new furry, forever friend, offering a "Name Your Price" adoption special for cats-- while "supplies" last! This special will continue until our cat occupancy rate is at a more manageable level.

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