Action Cat Team (ACT)

Feral kittensThe Action Cat Team (ACT) is an innovative program to address the cat overpopulation in our community. We are dedicated to seeking a humane solution for “too many cats.”

We work with owners and caregivers to provide spay/neuter services to their cats. We believe in Trap/Neuter/Return as a humane solution for stray and feral cats.

Our goal is to reduce the numbers of cats living outdoors. We promote the concept of keeping cats indoors. Whenever possible, we attempt to socialize young feral kittens so they can be adopted into forever homes.

Volunteers are needed to trap cats on location, care for cats in traps, transport cats to/from surgery, pick up cats from owners and transport to/from surgery. If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to

We will require cooperation of a caregiver. Due to a high volume of requests, there is often a waiting period. Please email to request services.

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What is the difference between stray and feral cats?

Have you recently seen a new cat in your area? Are you wondering about the difference between stray and feral cats?
(Reprinted from the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon)

Stray cats

  • May approach people, homes and businesses
  • Will likely live alone
  • May display body language of a house cat (walk with tail up, make eye contact with humans)
  • May "talk" (meow)
  • Likely will be dirty
  • Will not have an eartip

Feral cats

  • Will not approach/ will avoid people
  • May belong to a colony (a group of cats)
  • May crouch and stay low to the ground and protect body with tail, avoiding eye contact with humans
  • Won't meow or purr
  • Likely will have clean, well-kept coat
  • Will have an eartip (right ear) if spayed or neutered

If you become aware of a new cat in your area, look for his/her home by posting signs around. Regardless of whether the cat is feral or stray, if you do not find the cat's home but are willing to provide food and shelter to a cat who can not live inside, please visit the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon for information on spaying/neutering.