3rd Animal MCAS Animal House Adoption Party

Party-goers in togas
K103’s John Erickson and Quentin Terrier-tino
Woman poses with Brad Pitbull
Trainer Denise Mullenix teaches a young dog some new tricks

It was an incredible week leading up to an incredible day. On the Monday and Tuesday before the event, morning TV hosts Joe V. (Ch. 12) and Drew Carney (Ch. 8) launched our Animal House Adoption (aka Toga) Party in a way only charming, fun-loving TV hosts can.

In the following days, we made appearances on Ch. 6’s “Studio 6”, “Pet of the Week” on K103, and “Community Hotline” at Metro East Community Media, in addition to press releases, Oregonian ads, K103 ads, Craigslist, Twitter, and Facebook. And of course, volunteers were busily spreading the word and handing out fliers to friends and family. As a result, well over 2,000 people visited MCAS last Saturday and that was good news for shelter pets.

Throughout the day, staff and volunteers matched adopters with dogs and cats in the shelter, counseled, and placed shelter animals into new homes. Music played (thanks to The Live Jazz Project, Burnside Stranglers, and Empire Rocket Machine!), root beer flowed (thank you Widmer!), raffle prizes were given away, and despite the hectic pace, staff and volunteers continued smiling.

Special guests during the event included Commissioner Diane McKeel (who adopted her dog Murphy at last year’s event) and Commissioner Barbara Willer, who went home with a lovely cat, Stella. K103’s John Erickson and Dana Jefferies joined us in the early afternoon to assist dog trainer, Denise Mullenix of Behave Canine Solutions, in training shelter dogs.

We very much enjoyed their company and hope to see them here again next year! Preparations for this year’s Animal House Adoption (aka Toga) Party, began months ago with a group of volunteers who took the lead in planning. Special thanks to Jennifer Kent, Sharon Arnst, Georgina Gomez, Rebecca Wetherall, Katie Lowe, and staff members, Rachel Walt, Luisa Valencia, and Diana Grappasonno. Their planning, expertise, and persistence were crucial in the success of this event.

Thank you to the day’s Vendors: SPOT Magazine, Salty’s Dog and Cat Shop, Hearts of Gold Petsitting, Fidos’ City Guide, Troutdale Sprint Store, Lexi Dog, ODIG, Rick’s K-9 Products, XO Dog Cleaning Product, Sol Pops and Altengartz Bratwurst. We hope you will let vendors and sponsors--K103, The Oregonian, and Cascade Corporation--know you appreciate their support of MCAS. 

It was a day when everyone saw what needed to be done and took action. With all of us pulling in the same direction, 46 animals found homes and created more room for other animals in need. When you consider that a typical summer Saturday generally yields 4-5 adoptions, 46 is truly incredible! Thank you.

Success by any measure!

  • 2,000+ visitors
  • 46 adoptions
  • 63 volunteers
  • 3 brilliant musical groups
  • 12 vendors
  • 13 hours of fun, fun, fun!