Action Cat Team (ACT) Update: Kitten Fishing with Vivian

When a mother cat was trapped to be spayed, but her kittens scattered, Vivian went kitten fishing to humanely trap the kittens to stay with their mother.

The Action Cat Team (ACT) was recently contacted by Laura, who had a stray mom cat with 5 kittens in her yard.

Laura posted flyers in her neighborhood and listed the cat on Multnomah County Animal Services Lost and Found website.  No one claimed this stray kitty and Laura was worried about the little family.  

The mom cat, dubbed “Sneaky” by Laura’s daughter, Vivian, was aggressively protective of her kittens making it impossible to pick them up and bring them to the shelter.

At this point, Laura contacted the ACT program and we determined that this was a good opportunity to help both the human and feline family!

We asked them to withhold food in the morning, and were able to trap Sneaky and one of her kittens, but the other kittens scattered and hid!  

So, we set Laura and Vivian up with a trap, water bottle, and string to go “kitten fishing!” Vivian was very patient and diligent while waiting for the kittens to enter the trap so that she could catch them!

The little family was reunited and delivered to our “Kitten Trailer” where they will get veterinary care, and then fostered for socialization and eventual adoption! We thank Vivian and Laura for all their work to save these kitties!


Why Kittens Need to Be Caught

Cats as young as four months old have the potential to produce a litter of kittens of their own. Trap Neuter Return (TNR) is effective at controlling the cat population when the majority of a colony is caught and spayed or neutered.  It’s important to catch kittens young to prevent them from having additional litters. Kittens may also be socialized and adopted into a home with more early exposure to people. We can send the kittens to foster homes through the Kitten Triage Program, then socialize young feral kittens to be adopted as tame, friendly cats into forever homes!