Before and After...

This little guy was quite the mess when the tow truck driver found him abandoned in a car.  The story is muddy, but his owner may have been pulled out of the car unconcious as much as a week before the tow truck driver arrived, meaning Grover had been without food or water for the entire time. Luckily for him, the driver called MCAS and a Field Officer brought him in to safety.

Poor little dog didn't know his luck had changed, so when he arrived at the shelter, Grover was a huddled mass of mats and fear.  He hunkered in the corner, shaking during the first visit with a staff member, but even then, the staff person could tell he desperately wanted her attention.  She lured him to her with treats, and as soon as he felt safe, the wagging and twirling began!

Soon thereafter, Grover met long-time volunteer Bonnie, who shaved off his mats and gave him lot's of cuddles, immediately lifting his spirits.  With the freedom from the pulling, tangled fur, good meals, great vet care, and loads of attention from staff and volunteers, Grover's world changed.  In just a few weeks, MCAS turned this lovely little dog's nightmare into a dream come true. (Note: Grover has been adopted and is now living happily ever after!)