Blind, 17-year old cat reunited with owner..after 3 1/2 years!


Nancy never expected the call she received last week; after missing for 3 ½ years, her cat Larry was found! 

The now 17+ year old cat was brought to MCAS by a Good Samaritan, who found the blind orange tabby at his condo complex.  Luckily, the cat had been microchipped as a kitten and the contact information traced back to Nancy, who happen to still be reachable by the phone number on file.  Nancy said she had gone to work one day and the fourteen-year old cat she had brought home as a kitten had disappeared without a trace. 

After awhile, hope of finding him faded, but little did she know that Larry had taken up residence in another state.  Larry of Washington, was found in Oregon!  Without a microchip, this now-blind senior cat living across state lines would never find his way back into his owner's arms.  As it turns out for Larry, he will be able to spend his remaining years with the home he knew most of his life.

Microchipping works!