Do You Know This Dog?

Injured Dog
Male Shih Tzu

Multnomah County Animal Services is seeking the public's help. The dog pictured was brought into Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital last night by a good samaritan who found him lost and bleeding. Dove Lewis discovered that the dog had a rubber band around his mouth. It appears that the band had been in place for about a week.

We'd like to hear from anyone who knows who own this dog or how this injury may have occurred. The dog is a male Shih Tzu and around 1-2 years of age. He is currently in protective custody while we investigate this matter.

Again, if you have any information, please call legal aid officer Michelle Luckey at (503) 988-6238 during our regular phone hours.

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UPDATE 12/2/13: This little guy, now named "Lucky", was adopted by Emma and her family. Emma was one of the girls who found him wandering the street. Congratulations to Lucky and his new family!