From the Field: Officers Rescue Great Pyrenees from Columbia Slough

Animal control officers pull a Great Pyrenees out of the mud

Multnomah County Animal Services Officers Havlik and Pelland rescued a pair of Great Pyrenees dogs who were up the creek without a paddle on Monday, March 18, 2019. A concerned caller reported dogs stuck in the mud in the Columbia Slough near Colwood Golf Course.

After rushing to the scene, officers met Colwood Golf Course personnel at the waterway, where pallets had been placed to assist the rescue, and the female Great Pyrenees had been pulled out. Officers helped coax the male out of the mud, who literally leapt from the mud into their arms after being harnessed and leashed.

The pair of dogs were hosed-off and later bathed at the Troutdale shelter, where they were held on stray time for a potential owner to claim them.




Kudos to officers Havlik and Pelland for a dirty job well-done, and many thanks to concerned callers and Colwood Golf Course personnel for helping these dogs in distress.