Happy Adoption: Puff and Cece

Cece and her mom came in looking to adopt a bunny, and discovered that the perfect companion goes beyond cuteness when they found Puff.

Cece had saved her own money until she had enough for the adoption fee, and all the supplies for her new friend. Her family had worked together on planning the adoption, from where the bunny's special space would be to setting aside time out of Cece's busy daily sports and school schedule to take care of him all his life.

Puff is a special guy but not very puffy. His fur was in rough shape when he was brought in. The awesome animal care crew at MCAS treated his skin problem, but the feisty little rabbit's coat hadn't grown back in, and he wasn't his normal cute and fuzzy self.

A very wise ten year old, Cece knew that beauty is only fur-deep, and while Puff was having a bad "hare" day, he was the bunny for her. She listened carefully to rabbit care tips and expertly held him for the very first time.  Puff cuddled right up to her chin and relaxed in her arms. The only thing that this baseball-fan hadn't figured out yet was what the bunny's permanent name would be. "It's either going to be Grand Slam or Home Run" she said. She eventually chose Lightning as the perfect new name for her perfect new companion.

Sounds like Cece and her new friend are going to be a great team.

-by Cindy Scheel