Health Advisory Issued for Toxic Algae in Willamette River

Pet owners should be aware that due to a toxic algae bloom, the Oregon Health Authority issued a recreational use health advisory on August 13, 2018 for the Willamette River Ross Island Lagoon.

Since pets are much more sensitive to these blooms than humans, it's important that owners keep pets away from affected waters. Among dogs, even a small amount of exposure can result in severe illness or death.

Facts about toxic algae:
  • Some animals are especially sensitive to toxic algae. Dogs can become ill or die within minutes or hours.
  • Keep your pets away from affected waters. If your pet comes into contact with an algae bloom, wash the animal with clean water as soon as possible. Do not let your pet lick its fur.
  • Contact your veterinarian if your animal shows symptoms of weakness, vomiting, stumbling, convulsing or any other unexplained sickness that occurs after contact with affected waters. You can report a pet illness to the Oregon Health Authority by calling 971-673-0400.