Kitten Triage Program Fundraiser Exceeds Goals to Save Kittens

Kitten Bottle-Fed in the Kitten Trailer
Kitten Shower Organizers and Volunteers
Cars for Kittens
A sketched house with a paw print inside, Friends of the Animal Shelter Foundation written below

Thanks to supporters like you, the 2018 Kitten Triage Fundraiser exceeded its fundraising goals online and in the shelter, raising over $41,000 and counting. 

Donations to the Kitten Triage Program at Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) save the lives of the most vulnerable animals at the shelter, and we are thrilled to report that our community rallied around the cause in extraordinary and unprecedented ways to save lives and fund the majority of the annual program costs.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The monetary total doesn't account for thousands of dollars raised in donated supplies from our wishlist, and at the Kitten Shower in May.

On May 5, 2018, Peninsula Odd Fellows hosted a volunteer-organized Kitten Shower event which raised $1,529, and an estimated $2,836 in gift cards and donated supplies.

The online fundraiser for the Kitten Triage Program on Indiegogo raised $22,041, exceeding a set goal of $22,000. Friends of the Shelter Foundation pledged to match up to $15,000 of the funds raised on Indiegogo.

Donors who gave at the shelter and mailed checks raised $1,821.50.  Donors on raised $647.

Six donors pledged vehicles for the Cars for Kittens Program, which will benefit kittens once sold at auction.

Ways to Help

  • Each donation of $32 will provide food, litter, medicine, and vaccines for one kitten.
  • Each $100 donation will cover the cost of food, litter, medicine, vaccines, spay or neuter surgery, and staff care for over one kitten.
  • One donated vehicle could save the lives of dozens of kittens.




Thank you to our generous Kitten Benefactors, Litter of Kittens Caretakers, Kitten Champions, and many other supporters donating to save kittens at our shelter.

Kitten Benefactors

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Laura Jade
  • Lisa & Brendan McGillicuddy
  • Dede L. Pitts
  • Colleen Sorensen (2)
  • Anna Wawrukiewicz
  • Janet Wright

Litter of Kittens Caretakers

  • Anonymous (3)
  • Gayle Carda
  • Valerie Garrett
  • Joanne Hodgdon
  • Robin Kreger
  • Anna McGregor
  • Tyler B. Robinson
  • Evelyn Roeloffs
  • Paige Veach

Kitten Champions

  • 2L8T
  • Sharon Alexander
  • Anonymous (15)
  • Francoise Bourdonnec
  • Jed Brintzenhoff
  • Nancy Carney
  • Alice Cascorbu
  • "Cats"
  • Don Childers
  • John Cooper
  • Jesse D. Culver
  • Heather Dana
  • Marisol Delaney
  • Paul A. DuCommun
  • Marny Elicker
  • Susan Enterline
  • Kathryn Estey
  • Kelly Fedderson
  • Allison Fisher
  • Carlotta Flink
  • Robin Franzen Parker
  • Caroline Garrett
  • Katie Gerloff
  • Frances Gilmore
  • B Girsber
  • Deanna Gold
  • Linda Holy
  • Kathnzz
  • Judith Meeker
  • Ruth Moorman
  • William Neidhardt
  • Livia Nomako
  • Tim Nutley
  • Ruth E. Page
  • Terri Parmelee
  • Jeremiah Peschka
  • Laura Piner
  • Stefanie Pinniger
  • Vicki Quick
  • RalleyPDX
  • Chris Razzano
  • Alicia Robb
  • Janet Robinson Macdonell
  • Tyler B. Robinson
  • Karey Romanowski
  • Theresa A. Russo
  • Sailsj24
  • Donna Severson
  • Anna Marie Shiman
  • Sarah Siegel
  • Kristin Smith
  • Teresa Stratler
  • MaryLou Strong
  • Sadie W. Super
  • Mary Turner
  • Jason Waicunas
  • Andrea Wall
  • Margaret Wells
  • Marijane White
  • Pamela J Yates