Lost Pet Found at MultCoPets! Owner gets his Mojo back

Owner reunited with dog

On January 8th, we received a call that a loose tan and white dog had been seen around a neighborhood in NE Portland for several days and dispatcher Linda Mack asked Officer Cherry to respond to the call.

Officer Cherry searched the neighborhood but did not initially find the reported dog. She decided to check Craigslist and sure enough, she found a recent post about a missing tan and white dog named Mojo. Just as she came upon the listing, a resident waved her down and pointed her in the direction of a backyard where the dog just been spotted.

As Officer Cherry approached Mojo, he started to run away until she called out the name “Mojo”. He responded immediately to the name and Officer Cherry was able to coax him to her with some kind words and dog treats. She then transported Mojo back to the shelter where he was set up in a kennel with a comfy bed, blankets and food.

After some further research through lost pet reports and several phone calls, Officer Cherry tracked down Mojo’s owner Doug. It turned out Doug had just been at the shelter looking for Mojo less than an hour before Mojo arrived! Doug made his way back to shelter and was happily reunited with an excited and tail-wagging Mojo.

Thank you Officer Cherry for going above and beyond the call of duty! And a big thanks to residents who reported Mojo wandering around their neighborhood.

And kudos to Mojo’s owner for doing all the right things when looking for his lost dog; He submitted a lost pet report to the shelter, posted a message on Craigslist and he came to the shelter to look for Mojo personally.