Lux the Cat at MCAS Shelter

Lux the Cat

Lux the cat, who made headlines last week when his owners called 911, is now being cared for here at Multnomah County Animal Services. He was brought in on Monday, March 17 after his owners called us to report an incident and requested he be removed from their home. We are working with the owners to facilitate the best possible outcome for Lux. A local cat behavior specialist has offered their services for Lux whether he stays with his current owners or is placed with a new family.

If you are experiencing behavior difficulties with a pet, please see out Training Resources page for help solving common issues. Many problems can be easily managed or solved with a little effort. We always recommend positive training methods for both cats and dogs. If you have a pet and you know you're not able to provide it with the care it deserves, sometimes the most humane option is to rehome your pet.

We will update the public as soon as we have more information regarding future plans for Lux. If Lux is placed up for adoption, we will make that information available as soon as possible here on our web site.