Multnomah County Animal Services Strategic Plan- Fiscal Year 2017

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Animal Services protects the health, safety, and welfare of pets and people in Multnomah County. Our strategic goals this year reflect a focus on improving operations to sustain our high live release rate and offering excellent customer service to keep the community engaged in helping animals at MCAS.

Multnomah County Animal Services is organized into four distinct service areas:

  • Shelter Operations provides humane shelter and healthcare 365 days a year for lost, homeless, and stray animals that are injured, sick, abandoned, abused, or neglected. It reunites animals with their owners, adopts animals into new homes, and provides veterinary services.
  • The Field Services program provides: 24-hour public safety emergency response for aggressive animals; 24-hour emergency rescue for injured, sick, and abused animals; investigation services for animal bite cases, potentially dangerous dog incidents, and suspected animal abuse and neglect; enforces city, county, and state laws; and provides education and assistance in resolving neighborhood animal nuisance complaints.
  • Client Services and Community Outreach provides customer service for shelter visitors, phone customers, and e-business transactions and administers the county-wide pet licensing program, volunteer and foster programs, and web and social media efforts.
  • Community Services and Program Development provides and manages volunteer services, foster care services, a feline spay/neuter program, and community networking and marketing.


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Fiscal Year 2017 Strategic Plan

Service Excellence: Create a Culture in which Exceptional Customer Service is a Priority
Goal Objective Activity
  Establish and memorialize Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) customer service expectations and philosophy. Develop written policies and expectations regarding customer service.
90% of MCAS employees will have attended the division customer service training. Ensure that all employees have a clear understanding of organizational expectations and are fully invested in these concepts. Develop division-wide and unit-specific training modules regarding organizational customer service guidelines and techniques.
Provide training to all employees regarding MCAS customer service philosophy and techniques.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the training using follow-up surveys.
Maintain ongoing supervision and coaching with an emphasis on customer service.
Create and implement a customer service employee mentoring program.
  Create an environment to facilitate ongoing customer-focused service delivery. Develop and implement an employee recognition/appreciation process for the delivery of quality customer service.
Explore and document mechanisms to capture feedback from internal and external customers.
Capture and review unsolicited feedback provided via the MCAS website and social media platforms on a monthly basis.
Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness: Continually Improve Processes and Increase Organizational Agility
Goal Objective Activity

90% of MCAS staff will have accessed revised policies on the Commons website and signed off on policies relevant to their role.

Establish current policies and procedures to assist staff in daily operations and understanding of MCAS protocols and ensure that staff members know how to access written policies.

Review and revise unit-specific policies and present to staff for review and comment.

Finalize policies and procedures and post them on the Commons website.

Provide training to staff as needed regarding new or revised policies and procedures.

100% of MCAS staff will have received training on how to use ShelterBuddy for their role.

Implement a data management system that will provide enhanced record keeping and reporting mechanisms to enable greater efficiency.

Implement ShelterBuddy Software system for division-wide services.


Restructure the use of MCAS facility space to better serve the needs of the community, enhance the work environment for employees, and facilitate more efficient daily operations.

Complete relocation of Field Services Unit to off-site location.

Complete internal building redesign and relocation of MCAS employees to allow for dedicated Intake and Adoption service areas.

Complete internal building redesign to expand Animal Health areas.

Complete internal renovations to dog and cat housing areas.

Two new positions will be filled and the individuals in those positions will be trained on their roles and responsibilities.

Create and effectively integrate new staff positions to enhance and support MCAS programs.

Identify needed positions and develop job descriptions reflecting duties and responsibilities.

Complete recruitment process and select and hire employees to fill positions.

Train new staff on job functions and integration within existing MCAS systems.