Multnomah County Honors Animal Services Volunteers

Congratulations to our volunteers who were nominated and honored on June 27, 2018 at the Multnomah County Volunteer Awards, including Linda L, Alana V, Ruth F, Jessica H, Alice S, MacKenzie J, and Ray K.

  • Linda Guckert – Linda comes in on Tuesdays and volunteers in the cattery. She also comes in on Fridays to help in Client Services. She fostered bottle babies, and recently adopted two kittens from MCAS. She is a dedicated volunteer who is genuine, sweet and caring. She is incredibly talented in computer programming and has given us lessons on using Excel. We thank Linda for her teaching, and care of animals.
  • Alana Vitron – She is always willing to help with anything. She does a wonderful job in the kitten trailer, adoptions, surgery, and we’ve even had her help in the hospital when we were short staffed. She is always willing to pitch in, and does it with a smile. This amazing young woman puts in so many hours with her mother in the kitten triage program. She has helped save many kittens’ lives by feeding them, helping with exams, and other tasks of fostering. She also works with the dogs and helps in surgery one day a week. She is a joy and inspiration.
  • Ruth Fay – Ruth has been volunteering in the office for about 13 years. She truly is our right-hand person. We can trust her with the most important duties. Ruth comes in on the Mondays we’re closed for holidays. She is extremely dependable, smart, and loves animals. She is polite and professional with a good sense of humor. I cannot say enough about her. She is super duper!
  • Jessica Heller – Jessica is always wearing a smile and asking how she can help more. She is cross trained in so many areas and helps out anywhere that needs her. Her happy personality is infectious and brightens our day.
  • Alice Stratch – Alice is always up for another transport to the four corners of the state and beyond. She fosters dozens of bottles babies and is easy-going when plans change. Thousands of tiny kittens are alive today because of her!
  • MacKenzie Jones – MacKenzie always helps the front counter. She also helps people in the adoption areas, which is not easy. She always does it with a positive word and charming smile!
  • Ray Kolberg – We appreciate Ray for always helping, fixing things and doing so much for the shelter. He purchased comfortable chairs for our clients to sit on. Helping to create a comfortable environment is critical here at the shelter. We so appreciate Ray!