Officer Andy Loehr Saves a Brood of Ducklings


MCAS officer Andy Loehr rescued a brood of ducklings trapped in a pipe, and performed CPR to save an unresponsive duckling.

With Spring comes baby animals. They are in our backyards, parks and all around us. Multnomah County field officers are responding to calls all over the county to help them get out of traffic, relocate them when they are in an area that is not safe and rescue them when necessary.

On April 27th, 2017, Field Services Officer Andy Loehr was dispatched to SW Landing to help a brood of ducklings that had found themselves trapped in a PVC pipe. When Officer Loehr arrived, it became apparent that they would not get out on their own. Using the tools available on his truck and a little ingenuity, Officer Loehr was able to free and rescue the brood.

With the mother duck following behind, Officer Loehr relocated the family to a nearby creek. The mother swam away with her brood following behind her. One little duckling was left behind. Officer Loehr took the ducking to the edge of a dock and put it in the water, hoping it would reunite with its family. The mother duck swam over to the duckling and swam away, leaving it behind a second time. Officer Loehr saw the duckling start to swim in circles, and then its head fell forward into the water.

Officer Loehr quickly recognized that the duckling was in distress, picked the unresponsive duckling up, and began CPR. Officer Loehr was able to revive the duckling.

Officer Loehr then transported the duckling to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at the Portland Audobon Society. He excitedly told dispatchers “It’s going to make it. It started chirping on the drive to Audobon.”

Volunteers at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center tell us that the duckling is doing well and will remain at the center until it is old enough to be released to the wild.

-Narrative by Officer Tiffany Pelland