Rescue - A Day in the Life of a Field Officer

Field Officer Cherry with a pomeranian

(The following story is told to us by Animal Control Officer Nicole Cherry.)

A local business recently called Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) to report a small, fluffy, white dog running loose near their business on SE 34th and Powell. Their attempts to catch the dog were unsuccessful, so they called us at Animal Services for assistance.

After I arrived, it took some time before I located a Pomeranian loose on the sidewalk. Obviously lost and scared, he ran westbound on Powell. The heavy traffic delayed my pursuit. Meanwhile, a citizen stopped and tried to assist but the dog ran back across the busy street and out of sight.

I requested additional units to respond to assist me. Officer Rose and Officer Lightner arrived a short time later and we continued to try and rescue the dog. I called in and asked Field Operation Dispatcher Linda Mack to look for a possible lost report on the dog. Luckily, one had been filed on Craigslist. Dispatcher Mack called the owner who immediately rushed to our location. 

Using Kodiak’s favorite squeaky toy, the owner got his attention and Kodiak ran into his owners arms. His whole body wagged as tears of joy ran down his owner’s cheek.