Reunited We Stand

A 4th of July Special for Pet Owners

In honor of the Fourth of July holiday, MCAS is offering a "Reunited We Stand" special for licensed pet owners. Because so many pets run away from home when frightened off by fireworks, the MCAS shelter usually experiences are large influx of lost pets during this time of year. We want to get those animals home as soon as possible.

To thank those folks who have licensed their pets, MCAS will reunite lost, licensed pets with owners at no cost between June 24 and July 12. Normally, the fee to redeem a lost pet from the shelter is $50 for a dog and $30 for a cat. This fee helps cover the cost of providing care.

Pet owners can help reduce the chance of their pets running away by keeping them indoors, preferably in a windowless room when firework noises are at their worst. Some vets may also be able to provide medication for animals who experience a high degree of anxiety.

Wearing an MCAS license tag is one of the best ways to ensure your lost pet can find its way home quickly. Anyone who finds a lost pet wearing a license tag can obtain owner contact information through the License Lookup tool on the MultCoPets web site. If your lost pet comes into the shelter wearing it's tag, we will call you right away. MCAS officers who find your licensed pet in the field are often able to bring your pet straight home to you.

License fees support all of the services and programs that MCAS provides to pets and people in our community. Thank you to all the owners of licensed pets who support the work of the MCAS shelter.