Sir Stuffington Update

Sir Stuffington
Foster Mom, Photographer & Shelter Manager

As you may recall, an MCAS kitten named Sir Stuffington recently went viral when his foster mom, Blazer Schaffer, created a Facebook Page for him and began posting photos and videos. He became especially popular when he was photographed in pirate attire. His story has been shared around the world and his Facebook Page currently has over 42,000 fans.

As a result of foster mom Blazer's heroic efforts, Multnomah County Animal Services has seen a remarkable increase in the number of donations to Dolly's Fund. Since Sir Stuffington became famous, we're thrilled to say we've received about $3,000 in donations, many of which have come from donors in other states and even other countries. Blazer also had a professional photographer take photos of Sir Stuffington and is selling prints. All proceeds from the sale will go to Dolly's Fund.

MCAS's Dolly's Fund is a special fund used solely to provide homeless shelter pets with medical treatment that is above and beyond what we would typically be able to provide as a county shelter. These treatments may take many forms and can range anywhere from life-saving surgeries to long-term treatments for uncomfortable skin conditions.

We are very grateful to everyone who has contributed. The donated funds will help many homeless pets in our community. We are also so very grateful to Blazer who has highlighted the joys of being a foster parent for shelter pets in need. She's demonstrated what a big difference one person can make and we hope her efforts have inspired others in our community and around the country to get involved.