We Have New Kongs- Help Fill Them with Peanut Butter and Wet Food

Dog laying down with a Kong by its mouth
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We asked, and our community of supporters delivered in the form of a new freezer, and over 190 new kongs for canine enrichment.  Can you help fill the kongs by donating peanut butter and wet dog food?


Thanks to your support, we have received our initial quantity of Kongs needed for the canine enrichment program!  With the recent generous donation of a new refrigerator and freezer at the shelter, we can now fill them with stuffed treats for the dogs at the shelter thanks to our supporters' donations of 178 kongs!  These will go a long way to provide comfort and enrichment for our dogs while they wait for their forever homes.

One of the best ways to provide stress relief and comfort to dogs in the kennels is by giving them a high value treat that they have to work for.  A frozen Kong stuffed with Kibble, wet food, or peanut butter can keep a dog occupied, entertained, and happy for hours!

We requested 170 kongs for our dogs on our Amazon Wishlist, and all requests were met, with 178 Kongs!

Size Donated
Small 17
Medium 14
Large 40
Extra Large 57
Extra Extra Large 50
Total 178

You Can Help by:

  • Spreading the word on Social Media
  • Donating funds that the shelter will use to order special reduced-price "Kong Cares" Kongs, that are 1/3 of the price of retail Kongs, and only available to qualifying animal shelters.
  • Donating Kongs, peanut butter, and wet food by purchasing them from our Amazon Wishlist, or at your local store.

Spread the Word on Social Media

Please share our plea for Kongs on Facebook and Twitter!

Donating Funds for Kongs and Supplies to Fill Them

On our website:

  1. Visit our donation page
  2. Enter any amount you would like to donate
  3. In the "In honor of" field, enter "Kong Program"
  4. Select the "Forever Home Adoption Outreach Fund" as your donation designation

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Donating Kongs From Our Amazon Wishlist

We've updated our Amazon Wishlist with the types and quantities of Kongs we need, and we've added peanut butter and wet dog food to the list if you can help!




red and black kongs of varying sizes