Support the Kitten Triage Program

Donations to the Kitten Triage Program at Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) save the lives of the most vulnerable animals at the shelter like Squeakers.

Kitten Triage Program Saves Sonchi

Thanks to supporters like you, Squeakers came as a sickly kitten on death’s door, and left as a regal, playful siamese cat named Shonchi. Blossom received diagnostics, medical care, and the time for a full recovery from her paralysis.

The Kitten Triage Project was started in 2013 to save the lives of hundreds of kittens brought to MCAS each year. In 2013, MCAS repurposed a mobile hospital trailer into a space where kittens were provided with short-term medical care, and we have been saving unweaned, sick and feral kittens--along with the healthy ones--ever since.

Read the Story of Squeakers and Blossom

Ways to Help

  • Each donation of $32 will provide food, litter, medicine, and vaccines for one kitten.
  • Each $100 donation will cover the cost of food, litter, medicine, vaccines, spay or neuter surgery, and staff care for over one kitten.
  • One donated vehicle could save the lives of dozens of kittens.

Matching Donation

Donations to the Kitten Triage Program will be matched 100% by the Friends of the Shelter Foundation, up to $15,000!  That means that your donation for the animals will be doubled, thanks to this generous matching gift.