You can help shelter animals from the comfort of your own home! These pets need either a quiet place to recover from an injury or a little break from the stress of shelter life. You might be called upon to help with socialization or to give puppies and kittens a good start in preparation for their forever homes.

Types of Fostering

  • Dog fostering: length of time varies depending on the situation
  • Cat URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) fostering: short term (approx. 10-14 days)
  • Kitten fostering: length of time varies but may require several months
  • Other cat fostering opportunities: may be available for cats who require socialization or recovery from surgery

Want to be a Foster Parent?

1. Read the FAQ's and foster pet policy:

FAQ's about fostering
Foster pet policy (PDF, 120KB)

2. Fill out the foster volunteer application:

Dog foster application
Cat foster application
Hospice foster application

3. Email the foster coordinator.

Email the foster coordinator, Alix Womack, at to let her know your application has been completed and to schedule a foster orientation.