You can help shelter animals from the comfort of your own home! These pets need either a quiet place to recover from an injury or a little break from the stress of shelter life. You might be called upon to help with socialization or to give puppies and kittens a good start in preparation for their forever homes.

Types of Fostering

  • Dog fostering: length of time varies depending on the situation
  • Cat URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) fostering: short term (approx. 10-14 days)
  • Kitten fostering: length of time varies but may require several months
  • Other cat fostering opportunities: may be available for cats who require socialization or recovery from surgery

Want to be a Foster Parent?

1. Read the FAQ's and foster pet policy:

FAQ's about fostering
Foster pet policy (PDF, 120KB)

2. Fill out the foster volunteer application:

Dog foster application
Cat foster application
Hospice foster application

3. Email the foster coordinator.

Email the foster cordinator to let her know your application has been completed and to schedule a foster orientation: