About Facility Licensing

The Multnomah County Ordinances describe two types of facilities which require licensing:

  1. animal facilities
  2. animal rescue entities

What is an animal facility?

An animal facility is defined as a site which is operated or used for:

  • Boarding and Training
  • Purposes of breeding, buying, selling, or bartering of cats, dogs, or other animals commonly maintained as pets.

This includes pet shops, doggie daycares and private persons whose pets have been allowed to reproduce. Veterinary hospitals are excluded.

What is an animal rescue entity?

An individual or organization, including but not limited to an animal control agency, humane society, animal shelter, animal sanctuary or boarding kennel excluding a veterinary facility, that keeps, houses, and maintains in its custody 10 or more animals and that solicits or accepts donations in any form.

Who needs a license?

If you operate an animal facility or animal rescue entity, you must get a license annually.

What are the requirements for animal facilities?

Each year, you will need to submit a fee, as well as basic information. Additionally, an Multnomah County Animal Services officer will inspect your facility to ensure it is safe for county residents and humane for animals.

Our highly trained officers will work with you to make sure your facility is the best it can be and meets the standards required for licensing. Your clients will feel better knowing that your facility has met our high standards. Specific requirements for animal facilities are outlined in the county ordinances in sections 13.150 - 13.1524.

What are the requirements for animal rescue entities?

Each year, you will need to submit a fee, as well as detailed information.

Animal rescue entities will require an annual inspection, records must be available for inspection by Multnomah County Animal Services upon request. Please see the county ordinances for additional information and animal care requirements.

What else do I need to know?

Important:  Approval for a Facility License does not include approval by the Multnomah County Land Use Department.  Land Use approval is a separate process.  Please contact the Land Use Department at land.use.planning@multco.us or 503-988-3389 for additional information.

If your animal facility engages in breeding or selling, please submit an animal inventory and rabies vaccination information to animal.facility@multco.us.

How do I pay my fee and get a license?

Please pay for your fees and submit basic information on the Get a Facility License page.