Volunteer of the Month

Do you know a volunteer at Multnomah County Animal Services who goes above and beyond, or provides excellent customer service?  Nominate exceptional volunteers for Volunteer of the Month.

Volunteer of the month logo

Nominations for Volunteer of the Month may be submitted by members of the public, clients, other volunteers, or shelter staff who are impacted by or recognize the exceptional service of the nominated volunteer.


A paper nomination form is available in the shelter, and to download and print.

Nominations for the upcoming month are due by the 15th of the current month.  Nominations received after this date will be considered for the following month.

Selection Process

Those nominated for volunteer of the month will be selected by the majority vote from a panel of shelter staff and volunteers.  Members of the panel will rotate each month.
The MCAS Volunteer Coordinator sits on the panel as chair, but doesn’t hold a vote.
Every nominee will be recognized by name in monthly award publicity.


The volunteer of the month receives an award certificate to honor them for their exceptional service.

With their consent, the selected volunteer of the month will have the opportunity to submit a photo, or have a photo taken for their feature.  The photo, and a brief write-up of the volunteer’s background and service will be featured in a shelter display for the duration of the month in which they are honored. Their photo and bio will also be featured on multcopets.org, and promoted via social media and the weekly newsletter.


October 2020 - Jessica F.

Jessica F.

September 2020 - Julie H.

Julie H.

August 2020 - Roxy N.

Roxy N.

July 2020 - Paula Y.

Paula Y.

June 2020 - MacKenzie J.

MacKenzie J.

May 2020 - Quimby L.

Quimby L.

April 2020 - Foster Volunteers

Foster Volunteers

March 2020 - Amanda T.

Amanda T.

February 2020 - Holly J.

Holly J.

January 2020 - Monica D.

Monica D.

December 2019 - Marsha S.

Marsha S.

December 2019 - Carol P.

Carol P.

November 2019 - Janice T.

Janice T.

October 2019 - Jesse M.

Jesse M.

September 2019 - Ranee M.

Ranee M.

August 2019 - Jessica H.

Jessica H.

July 2019 - Ray K.

Ray K.

June 2019 - Robynne R.

Robynne R.

May 2019 - Jenni H.

Jenni H

April 2019 - Tammy H.

Tammy H

March 2019 - Jason H.

Jason H

February 2019 - Bonnie H.

Bonnie H

January 2019 - Tyler L.

Tyler L

December 2018 - Sue S

Sue S

November 2018 - Kelley S

Kelley S

October 2018 - Robert B

Robert B