Renew & Pay for License

Use this form to

  • renew your pet license, Note: If you are renewing your pet license but do not request replacement tags, you will not receive anything other than your renewal receipt via email.
  • pay for licenses that have been issued and registered
  • pay your license fee after receiving a notice of infraction in the mail for non-payment

You cannot use this form to order a brand new license. Use the new license order form.

Rabies Vaccine Required

To license your pet, they must have a current rabies vaccine.  You can have your pet vaccinated at the time of adoption, at your local veterinarian, or on Saturdays at Multnomah County Animal Services by Good Neighbor Vet.  Once you obtain your rabies vaccine certificate, please have it available in a PDF, JPG, or PNG file to upload to the license form below.

If you have any questions about this form or licensing your pet, please call (503) 988-7387 or email

Please see our Licensing Information page to view our Refund Policy.