Pay New License Fees

Use this page to order a brand new pet license for pets that have never been licensed in Multnomah County.

You will receive your pet’s new license ID tag in the mail.

Rabies Vaccine Required

To license your pet, they must have a current rabies vaccine.  You can have your pet vaccinated at the time of adoption, at your local veterinarian, or on Saturdays at Multnomah County Animal Services by Good Neighbor Vet.  Once you obtain your rabies vaccine certificate, please have it available in a PDF, JPG, or PNG file to upload to the license form below.

Your pet's rabies vaccine must be current. If necessary, we will contact your vet to obtain proof of a current rabies vaccination.

Note: If you have recently received a notice of infraction for no license from an officer, or are paying for an expired license, do not use this page. Instead, use the Renew & Pay for License page and enter the license number to be paid for. Alternately, you may pay for your license at a participating license vendor or at the shelter

If you'd prefer to apply for a new license by mail, use the printable pet license application. If you have questions about licensing, please call us or email us at

Please see our Licensing Information page to view our Refund Policy.