Monthly Reports

Do you want to know how many animals come to Multnomah County Animal Services each month, where they go, or the types of calls our Animal Services officers respond to in the community?  View our monthly reports since November 2018.

Monthly Reports




Trends and Analysis

Stray / Impounded Animals and Reclaimed Animals

Our first priority is to reunite stray pets with their people. From November 2018 to November 2019, of the 5,648 instances where animals were brought in as strays or impounded by Animal Services Officers, they were reclaimed by their owner in 1,702 instances (30%).

Reclaim rates vary by species, and are typically higher for dogs than for cats. Intake numbers also include kittens classified as strays, who typically don't have owners to reclaim them. This trend is reflected in increased intake numbers during kitten season (Spring through Fall), with reclaim rates remaining relatively constant throughout the year.

Adoptions and Adoption Returns

From November 2018 to November 2019, 170 (7.6%) unique animals were returned after an adoption. Of those animals, 122 (72%) were adopted again as their final outcome, and 24 (14%) were transferred to community adoption partners. 3 were privately rehomed after their adoption, 3 were reclaimed by an owner, and 1 was returned to habitat. 4 are in foster care or are currently available for adoption. 11 (6%) were humanely euthanized, and 2 are deceased.