Beaver Creek Canyon Dogs Rescued and Reunited

**Due to renewed media interest in this story, we are reposting** Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) is happy to report that the two dogs rescued from Beaver Creek Canyon were reclaimed by their owner the afternoon of Monday, September 16, 2019. The two poodle mix dogs, Estrella, and Zanzon, were reunited with Elizabeth, their concerned owner, at the MCAS Troutdale shelter.

September - 2019

Lost Dogs Rescued

A family member was watching the dogs while Elizabeth worked on Saturday, September 14, when they ran to chase a squirrel at Glenn Otto Park. The family member searched for the dogs, but was unable to find them.

A concerned community member flagged down Multnomah County Sheriff Deputy Jessie Volker to report the dogs barking in Beaver Creek Canyon on Saturday. Deputy Volker worked with Multnomah County Animal Services and Gresham Fire to recover one of the dogs (Estrella), but knew that there was another dog still missing in the canyon. Early Sunday, Deputy Volker and MCAS Officer Tiffany Pelland located the missing dog, and Gresham Firefighter Brett Swenson conducted a high-angle rope technical rescue to bring him safely out of the canyon.

Dogs Reunited with Elizabeth

The concerned owner of the dogs, Elizabeth, learned of their disappearance on Sunday night when she returned from work. She noticed their Found Report listing on, and was able to reclaim them when the shelter opened on Monday, September 16. Officer Pelland was present for the reunification.

Microchip, License, and Leash

MCAS reminds community members about the importance of microchipping and licensing pets, keeping contact information current, and securing pets with a leash when out of their enclosures. These powerful tools for pet owners keep their beloved animals safe, and ensure that pets can be reunited as soon as possible when missing, and can sometimes prevent impoundment at a shelter altogether.

Public Servant Teamwork

MCAS thanks its partner agencies in the rescue of these two dogs, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, and Gresham Fire Department- Station 75.

“This rescue really speaks to the heart and dedication of our public servants,” said Officer Pelland. “Sheriff’s Deputy Volker initiated the search when a concerned community member told her that two dogs were in the canyon, and didn’t give up until they were found and safe. Gresham firefighter Brett Swenson risked his own safety to rescue one of the dogs from a waterfall, and a hundred foot drop into Beaver Creek Canyon.”

Estrella and Zanzon were thrilled to see Elizabeth after their harrowing ordeal, and MCAS staff were happy that they were safely returned.