Honoring Alison Freese, Volunteer Photographer

Allison Freese head shot
Volunteers at the 2018 Kitten Shower Event
White cat with blue eyes
Calico cat

Since 2014, the professional-quality photos of adoptable cats at Multnomah County Animal Services are all the hard work of volunteer Alison F. 

Alison has volunteered 1,116 hours since January 2014, coming in at least once a week to spend time with each adoptable cat and kitten at the shelter, capturing their best selves on camera for potential adopters to see.

Nationwide, high-quality photos of adoptable pets are known to increase adoptions.  The impact of Alison’s work is felt at Multnomah County Animal Services as adoptions have increased for cats and kittens since 2014, with live-release rates for cats consistently over 90%.

Alison’s volunteer service extends beyond photography.  One day as her volunteer shift was ending, Alison met a woman who had recently become homeless, and faced the difficult decision of surrendering her five cats to the shelter.  She had taken the bus with her cats in carriers, walked the final mile to the shelter, and was distraught with grief.  As shelter staff comforted the woman after surrendering her cats, Alison offered to drive her back to where she was staying so she didn’t have to walk with her carriers back to the bus stop, going the extra mile for a community member in need, literally and figuratively.

Alison’s photography of adoptable cats is featured in the annual calendar to support animals at the shelter, available for purchase at the end of November 2018.

Alison plans to move back to Albuquerque, NM, and hopes to continue her photography work with shelter pets in the ABQ community.

On behalf of the animals, staff, volunteers, and the community we serve, thank you, Alison, for your thoughtful and impactful volunteer service.