Osprey in Distress- Rescued

An osprey was rescued from a fishing hook and line thanks to a concerned community member, a quick response from MCAS Officer Pelland, and skillful care from Portland Audubon’s Wildlife Care Center.

On Sunday, May 31, 2020, a concerned Woodstock community member called Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) about an adult female Osprey found in their backyard, hooked and tangled in a fishing line. 

MCAS Officer Pelland arrived on scene, gently moved the distressed raptor to a crate on her climate-controlled truck, and transported her to Portland Audubon’s Wildlife Care Center.

Staff at the Wildlife Care Center removed the hook and line, and were able to quickly treat and release the Osprey in case she is nesting.

“This very lucky bird had some fairly superficial wounds, so after an injection of a long-acting antibiotic and a very successful test flight, we released the bird back to its territory [on Monday, June 1],” said Stephanie H., Wildlife Care Center Manager. “Well done, Officer Pelland, and all involved! It's definitely the best possible story this bird could have had.”

Multnomah County is grateful for its ongoing partnership with the Portland Audubon Wildlife Care Center, who provide treatment for many cases of sick and injured birds and wildlife found by MCAS Officers, or reported by concerned community members.